Here are the answers to our April quiz on key news topics, plus some additional background information.

1. What is a filibuster?

Answer: d

2. Some members of the United States Congress are calling for the impeachment of President Trump. For what reason?

Answer: a

Additional notes: Attorney General William Barr’s review of the report on the Mueller investigation was very benign. When the full report was released on April 17, 2019, the findings pointed to the President’s attempts to obstruct justice.

3. What is the Canadian Women’s Hockey League doing on May 1?

Answer: a

Additional notes: The league did not have the finances to continue operations.

4. What has Chief Justice Richard Wagner announced he will review?

Answer: c

Additional notes: Chief Justice Wagner is doing an internal and legislative review in an effort to reform the disciplinary process for federally-appointed judges.

5. What new tax came into effect April 1,2019?

Answer: a

Additional notes: The federal carbon tax on fuel came into effect in four provinces — Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and Manitoba — because those provinces did not create their own plans in time for the federal deadline. Consumers will see an increase in cost of gas of 4.4 cents per litre this year and further increases each year until 2022.

6. Who is David Lloyd Hart?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Honorary Colonel David Lloyd Hart was Canada’s oldest and longest-serving military officer and a decorated Dieppe veteran. He was awarded the British Military Medal for Bravery. He passed away March 27, 2019 at age 101.

7. What is Aerion?

Answer: d

Additional notes: It enables planes to fly closer together at higher speeds and optimal altitudes. This will result in financial and carbon savings for every trans-Atlantic flight.

8. Who is the new premier of Alberta?

Answer: b

Additional notes: On April 16 Kenney led the United Conservative Party to a majority win.

9. According to the WHO global report on air pollution, what percentage of the world population breathes air with high level of pollutants?

Answer: d

Additional notes: According to the report, air pollution kills an estimated seven million people worldwide annually. The data show that nine out of ten people breath air with high levels of pollutants.

10. Who is the prime minister of Israel following the recent election?

Answer: a

Additional notes: Both Netanyahu and Gantz won 35 seats in the Israeli Parliament, called the Knesset. Netanyahu will form alliances with other political parties to become Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister.

11. Which famous church burned?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Notre-Dame of Paris took 200 years to build and has lasted over 850 years. It is an important piece of medieval architecture. The president of France has vowed to rebuild it.

12. What golf tournament did Tiger Woods win?

Answer: d

Additional notes: Tiger Woods won the Masters in a remarkable comeback after years without a major tournament win.

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