Here are the answers to our quiz on key news topics from February, plus some additional background information.

1. Major League Baseball and the players’ association came to agreement on the following change(s) to speed up the game.

Answer: d

Additional notes: Change is difficult so penalties for infringements are limited to warnings and maximum fines of $500

2. What major event is going to be permitted to broadcast American TV commercials in Canada instead of replacing them with Canadian commercials?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Starting in 2017, the CRTC will allow broadcasters to air the much-acclaimed American commercials during the Super Bowl.

3. Why did Greeks withdraw a cumulative total of about 1 billion US dollars from their banks on a Friday, Feb 20, 2015?

Answer: d

Additional notes: The government is trying to negotiate its way out of financial sanctions and austerity measures imposed by the European Union.

4. Alberta has identified its first case of which disease since 2011?

Answer: a

Additional notes: One cow has been identified and a further investigation is underway. In 2003, when a full-scale mad cow epidemic spread across the province, over $40 billion in exports was lost.

5. Getting from A to B will be significantly different in 2025 from the way it is today. Why?

Answer: c

Additional notes: Worldwide advances in fuel cell technology and non-carbon fuel sources will result in the transformation.

6. Recent changes to Canada’s immigration rules will impact which of the following groups?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Canada has pooled international students along with all other applicants, making it more difficult for them to gain permanent residence upon graduation. This may impact the number of international students who pursue post-secondary education in Canada

7. How many years old is Canada’s maple leaf flag?

Answer: c

Additional notes: Canada adopted its own red and white flag 50 years ago. Prior to that Canada’s flag incorporated the Union Jack.

8. Which movie got the best picture Oscar at the Academy awards February 22, 2015?

Answer: e

Additional notes: Birdman received four academy awards in total, which was not expected. Unfortunately Sean Penn made a racial comment when he made the announcement and this became the news of the day.

9. March 2, 2015 was the deadline for?

Answer: a

Additional notes: An RRSP (registered retirement savings plan) is a tax-deductible investment that you only pay tax on when you cash it in.

10. Which country successfully rescued 486 miners from an underground fire?

Answer: c

Additional notes: Some of the gold miners were as much as 3.5 kilometres underground.

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