Here are the answers to our February quiz on key news topics, plus some additional background information.

1. Why is John McCallum no longer Canada’s ambassador to China?

Answer: d

Additional notes:  He spoke out about the extradition of a Chinese executive arrested in Canada to the United States. Prime Minister Trudeau asked him to step down and Mr. McCallum tendered his resignation.

2. Who is Meng Wanzhou?

Answer: d

Additional notes: She was arrested in Canada at the request of the US. She will appear in court May 6 to discuss Canada’s authority to proceed with an extradition request.

3. Canada’s new food guide recommends you fill half your plate with what?

Answer: b

Additional notes: The new revised guide suggests that you get protein from plant-based sources and eliminates the categories of meat and dairy.

4. What do we celebrate in February?

Answer: d

Additional notes: Every February Canadians are invited to participate in festivities and events that honour the legacy of Black Canadians past and present. This year the Canadian government theme is Black Youth: Boundless, Rooted and Proud. Valentine’s Day is a Western civilization celebration of romance and Family Day occurs in some provinces.

5. According to a survey conducted by think tank Transparency International which country is perceived to be the most corrupt in the world?

Answer: a

Additional notes: The four countries listed ranked as the most corrupt nations in the world, with scores between 10 and 14 out of 100. They were numbers 177-180 on the list. Canada had a score of 81/100 and ranked number nine out of the 180.

6. Which team won the 2019 Super Bowl?

Answer: b

Additional notes: The New England Patriots led by Tom Brady won 13-3, giving Brady his 6th Super Bowl ring.

7. What is an Amber Alert?

Answer: b

Additional notes: The Amber Alert program is an urgent bulletin system established in the United States — and since adopted in Canada — that is activated in some cases of child abduction. It uses electronic highway signs, designated local broadcasters and wireless signals to announce the name and a description of the abducted child, plus descriptions of any vehicle suspected of being involved in the crime.

8. What is OPEC+?

Answer: d

Additional notes: It is a rolling oil pact between Russia and Saudi Arabia which seeks to support prices by reducing output.

9. Which film won the Academy Award for best film this year?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Green Book won while Roma, the favourite of many, won for best foreign picture.

10. What date is Britain due to leave the European Union?

Answer: b

Additional notes: British Prime Minister Elizabeth May continues to negotiate with Brussels and plans to bring an amended agreement to the British parliament on March 12 for a vote.  If it is accepted, May believes it will still be possible to bring the divorce from the EU to completion by March 26, as originally agreed upon.

11. Who is President Trump planning to meet in Hanoi, Vietnam, at the end of February?

Answer: b

Additional notes: The North Korean leader was taking a train to Vietnam for his second summit with Trump. Kim will seek a U.S. commitment for improved bilateral relations and partial sanctions relief while trying to minimize any concessions on his nuclear facilities and weapons.

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