Here are the answers to our quiz on key news topics from September, plus some additional background information.


1. How many medals did Canada win at the Rio Olympic Games?

Answer: c

Additional notes: Canada took four gold, three silver and 15 bronze medals. Women won 16 of the medals. The medals Canada typically wins are in athletics, swimming and rowing. The swim team had its best results since 1984.

2. In late August earthquakes hit which two countries?

Answer: b

Additional notes: More than 120 were killed in Norcia, Italy, northeast of Rome. Myanmar reported no loss of life.

3. How many countries reported earthquakes in September of magnitude 5 or more.

Answer: b

Additional notes: New Zealand 7.1 and a tsunami; United States 5.8; Russia 6.3; Australia 6.1; Peru 6.0;

Tanzania 5.7

4. What 75-pound item was recently put on display in Puerto Princesa, Philippines?

Answer: c

Additional notes: a Filipino fisherman found it a decade ago and kept it under his bed for good luck. If proved to be authentic it could be worth $100 million.

5. Actor Gene Wilder passed away August 28, 2016. What role is he mainly famous for?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Gene Wilder starred in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in addition to The Producers, Young Frankenstein and Stir Crazy. He was 83.

6. The federal government will not take which of the following issues to Parliament for a vote before acting on it?

Answer: c

Additional notes:  The government believes it got elected with this mandate.

7. What Canadian city implemented a foreign real estate buyers tax?

Answer: b

Additional notes: The BC government implemented an increase in the property transfer tax for foreign buyers in Vancouver. This has resulted in lowest number of sales in Vancouver real estate in four years.

8. What country has reduced its work day to 6 hours?

Answer: d

Additional notes: In an effort to improve productivity and work-life balance many workplaces in Sweden are reducing their workweek.

9. What is Health Canada going to overhaul regulations on?

Answer: c

Additional notes: Currently these products do not have to show evidence of claims being made on their behalf. Under new rules, companies would not be able to make disease treatment or prevention claims without approval from Health Canada.

10. Which county is conducting nuclear tests that are so powerful they are causing earthquakes?

Answer: a

Additional notes: North Korea’s most recent test caused an earthquake of magnitude 5.3. This suggests its nuclear arms could reach South Korea and Japan.


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