This article looks at a large conglomerate that is undergoing major change.

Getting Started

Appropriate Subject Area(s):

Marketing, target market, demographics, sustainability

Key Questions to Explore:

  • How agile does an organization have to be to stay relevant in this rapidly changing economy?
Study and Discussion Activity

Introduction to lesson and task:

This article outlines some of the challenges faced by a new CEO at Rogers Communications to ensure that the business stays profitable in an ever-changing landscape.

Action (lesson plan and task):

  1. Survey the class to see who watches or listens to anything broadcast by Rogers. How do they engage with the media?
  2. Ask students to think about ways in which the media world is changing.
  3. Distribute article for reading. Since this article is very lengthy, you can assign as homework, or do an in-class jigsaw, where you break the article up into parts and have small groups read and review a part to share with their peers.
  4. Use the Triangle, Square and Circle tool to have students discuss the article.
    1. Triangle: What are the three most important points discussed in the article? Groups may need to negotiate this.
    2. Square: What is mentioned in the article they agree with and fully understand?
    3. Circle: What is something that is still circling in their mind that needs further investigation or discussion?
  5. Combine groups to share their thinking.

Consolidation of Learning:

  • Have each group select one thing that is circling and do a further investigation to understand what it is and how it might impact the business and the industry.  Share with the class.
Success and Additional Learning

Success Criteria:

  • Students understand the impact change has on an organization.

Confirming Activity:

  • Students prepare a one-minute paper on one aspect of their understanding of the changes that are happening in the media as a result of technology.