The following questions provide a review of some key topics and issues that have been in the news in March.

  1. Why is the Bank of Canada staggering the release of new banknotes?
    1. They are planning on converting more of the paper notes to coins
    2. They want to see how the new $10 note with Viola Desmond is received
    3. They want to integrate the latest security features each time a new note is issued
    4. They want to ensure there is a banknote with Justin Trudeau’s portrait when he is no longer Prime Minister
  2. Why is Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) no longer selling Vista products, such as water bottles?
    1. They were not selling well
    2. Vista also sells guns and ammunition
    3. They were inferior in quality
    4. Their members wanted to
  3. What international event was marked on March 8?
    1. St. Patrick’s Day
    2. International Women’s Day
    3. Armistice Day
    4. Family Day
  4. What event took place March 14 across the US?
    1. St. Patrick’s Day parade
    2. A 17-minute protest against gun violence
    3. The women’s march
    4. Nothing happened
  5. Which is the first province in Canada to outlaw non-medical cat declawing?
    1. Ontario
    2. Alberta
    3. Nova Scotia
    4. Newfoundland
  6. How long has Vladimir Putin been President of Russia?
    1. 18 years
    2. Four years
    3. 39 years
    4. Nine years
  7. What annual event takes place at the White House on Easter Monday?
    1. A parade around the White House
    2. A protest march
    3. An Easter egg roll
    4. A speech from the President
  8. Service Canada has implemented new ways to address people. What is it?
    1. Eliminating use of Mr., Mrs. and Miss
    2. Calling mothers and fathers parents instead
    3. Adopting gender neutral salutations
    4. All of the above
  9. Which awards ceremony took place Sunday, March 25, 2018?
    1. Oscars
    2. Tony
    3. Juno
    4. Screen
  10. What demand has the US dropped with respect to NAFTA?
    1. A 25% tariff on steel
    2. Requirement that autos sold in US have 50% US content
    3. Marijuana be exempt from trade laws
    4. Canadian wine can move freely across the border


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