The following questions provide a review of some key topics and issues that have been in the news in October.

  1. Which members of the royal family visited Canada for the first time in five years?
    1. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip
    2. Prince Harry
    3. Prince Charles and Camilla
    4. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
  2. Who or what is Matthew?
    1. Hillary Clinton’s running mate
    2. A category four hurricane
    3. A tropical storm
    4. Donald Trump’s running mate
  3. Who is running for President in the US election?
    1. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
    2. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
    3. George Bush and Donald Trump
    4. Ginny Baker and Bill Clinton
  4. How many jobs did Canada’s economy add in September?
    1. 50,000
    2. 67,000
    3. 74,000
    4. 82,000
  5. RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson issued a formal apology. For what?
    1. Carding
    2. Sexual harassment of women in the force
    3. Speaking out inappropriately on issues
    4. Overlooking notices about missing persons
  6. Who is Barney Fuller?
    1. Death row prisoner
    2. Pop star
    3. President of Mexico
    4. The oldest man alive
  7. Who won the 2016 Nobel Prize for literature?
    1. Bob Dylan
    2. Gord Downie
    3. Margaret Atwood
    4. Lewis Carroll
  8. Effective October 17, 2016, what do Canadians have to report to the taxman?
    1. Income from sales on Kijiji
    2. Income from sale of principal residence
    3. All medical expenses
  9. What rookie NHL player scored the most goals in their debut game?
    1. Wayne Gretzky
    2. Sidney Crosby
    3. Auston Matthews
    4. Mitch Marner
  10. Canada’s largest and busiest subway system turned 50 this month. What city is it in?
    1. Toronto
    2. Vancouver
    3. Calgary
    4. Montreal
  11. What was celebrated on October 11?
    1. International day of the girl
    2. International conservation day
    3. Peacekeeping agreement in Syria
    4. Prime Minister Trudeau’s birthday
  12. What did more than 100 countries agree to in October 2016?
    1. Free trade
    2. Climate agreement to reduce the use of hydrofluorocarbons
    3. An agreement to reduce the use of nuclear power
    4. None of the above

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