We have an 11-year-old car and every now and again it needs a repair. We take it to the garage, pay the bill and keep driving the car. I’m not sure there’s anything else we own that is worth repairing if it breaks.

Repairs on today’s appliances, devices, tools and furnishings are tricky for a couple of reasons. Because of their electrical components, these items can be nearly as expensive to repair as replace. And when repairs are done, the problem is often not fully addressed.

Is repair culture dead? I wondered this after passing by a place recently that does lamp repairs. I have also seen places in downtown Ottawa, where I live, that repair computers and cellphones.

Repair shop in Ottawa.

It’s obvious that we throw too much stuff out, and overspending is one of this country’s biggest financial issues. Might it help to have more of our broken stuff repaired instead of throwing it out? Or are repairs too often a waste of time and money?

Let me know your repair success stories. Maybe we can build a list of things around the house that are worth repairing if they break, rather than replacing them. You can reach me at rcarrick@globeandmail.com.

The Globe and Mail, December 10, 2019