Here are the answers to our April quiz on key news topics, plus some additional background information.

1. How many Canadian employers are listed as top companies to work for?

Answer: c

Additional notes: Canada’s Top 100 employers is a national competition to see which employers lead their industries in offering exceptional workplaces for their employees.

2. Wi-Fi 6 is the latest version of Wi-Fi networking standards. What are its benefits?

Answer: d

Additional notes: WPA3 is the latest wireless encryption standard which makes it harder for hackers to access your private data. The Wi-Fi 6 routers are also more efficient.

3. How much did the city of Minneapolis agree to pay George Floyd’s family to settle a civil lawsuit over his death in police custody?

Answer: d

Additional notes: It is said to be the largest pre-trial settlement ever for a civil rights claim.

4. What is the significance of March 21, 2021?

Answer: d

Additional notes: It was a year since the Canada US-border had been closed to non-essential travel be cause of t he pandemic.

5. How much did the Consumer Price Index change in February 2021 over February 2020?

Answer: b

Additional notes: The Consumer Price Index is a measure of the price of a basket of goods and services that most consumers use regularly, including the cost of food, transportation and medical care.  It increased of 1.1% year-over-year.

6. Who is Justin Thomas?

Answer: c

Additional notes: He won the largest single tournament prize in golf history, $2.7 million

7. What does an increase in femicide signify?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Femicide is recognized by the United Nations as the most extreme form of violence against women and girls. Women are often targeted and killed because they are women, often within the context of intimacy and/or sexual violence.

8. What was the Supreme Court ruling on the Federal Government’s carbon tax?

Answer: b

Additional notes: The carbon tax imposes a uniform price on carbon emissions across jurisdictions. Some provinces challenged this, saying it usurped their authority.

9. What busy trade route became blocked by a large container ship?

Answer: a

Additional notes: The container ship was knocked off course by strong winds. About 12% of global trade passes through the Suez Canal; the blockage caused oil prices to jump.

10. What are some economists saying about the housing market in Canada?

Answer: d

Additional notes: Canadian home sales and prices have hit another record, with the home price index, which adjusts for pricing volatility, up 3 per cent from February to March on a seasonally adjusted basis to a record $713,700.

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