Here are the answers to our November quiz on key news topics, plus some additional background information.

1. What is Aramco?

Answer: d

Additional notes: Aramco is wholly owned by the monarchy of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is selling some of its shares through an IPO being underwritten by the Royal Bank.

2. How old is the youngest person in the world to graduate from University?

Answer: d

Additional notes: Laurent Simons has an IQ of 145. He finished high school in one year and completed a Bachelors of Engineering at Eindhoven University in the Netherlands in nine months.

3. What event celebrated 25 years in November 2020?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Take Our Kids to Work is a national event the first Wednesday in November. Grade 9 students go to work with a parent or other trusted adult to learn more about work.

4. Who is the deputy prime minister of Canada?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Chrystia Freeland negotiated the new trade agreement with the United States and Mexico. Now she has been appointed Deputy Prime Minister and has the responsibility to negotiate a better relationship with the Prairie and Western provinces.

5. Which team won the 2019 Grey Cup?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Winnipeg won for the first time in 29 years.

6. What is an SMR?

Answer: c

Additional notes: Small modular reactors (SMRs) are a type of nuclear fission reactor which are smaller than conventional reactors, and manufactured at a plant and brought to a site to be assembled. Modular reactors allow for less on-site construction, increased containment efficiency and heightened nuclear materials security.

7. How old is NATO?

Answer: b

Additional notes: The North American Treaty Alliance celebrated its 70th anniversary at the recent summit in London.

8. What does White Ribbon Day mark?

Answer: b

Additional notes: it is commemorated annually on December 6

9. What is the role of the Speaker of the House?

Answer: e

Additional notes: it is the Speaker’s responsibility to manage the House of Commons and supervise its staff. It is also the Speaker’s duty to act as a liaison with the Senate and the Crown.

10. What took place in Mexico City this month?

Answer: a

Additional notes: The signing of this agreement adds stability to the North American market. Among key new items that are standards for labour and climate change, especially for Mexico.

11. Who was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Greta is credited with bringing skepticism about the efficacy of official actions on climate change to a worldwide audience.

12. Who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain?

Answer: c

Boris Johnson led the Conservatives to a historic victory. He now has the mandate and has promised to deliver Brexit and gain the trust of voters.  Jeremy Corbin, leader of the Labour party said he will not run as leader again.

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