Here are the answers to our January quiz on key news topics, plus some additional background information.

1. Who won the ACTRA Award of Excellence?

Answer: a

Additional notes: Jani Lauzon is a Metis multi-disciplinary artist. She is an award- winning screen writer, a Juno-nominated screen writer, a Gemini Award-winning puppeteer, a multi award-winning stage actress, director and film maker.

2. What does the 25th amendment to the US Constitution deal with? 

Answer: c

Additional notes: The 25th amendment stipulates that the vice president becomes president if the president dies, resigns, or is removed from office for being unfit to serve.

3. Who is Marc Garneau? 

Answer: d

Additional notes: Marc Garneau is currently Member of Parliament for Westmount and is serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

4. How much did Google pay to acquire Fitbit (in $US)? 

Answer: a

Additional notes: The deal was first announced in 2019 but after scrutiny by regulators was confirmed in 2021. This purchase gives Google access to millions of health records.

5. What is the most expensive comic book art ever sold?

Answer: a

Additional notes: A rejected Tintin cover sold for US$3.8 million at auction.  It was designed in 1936 but was not used.

6. Why does US Vice-President Kamala Harris always wear pearls? 

Answer: d

Additional notes: The pearls speak to the solidarity among the members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and represent wisdom and refinement.

7. Who is Amanda Gorman? 

Answer: d

Additional notes: she is a Harvard graduate and was selected by First Lady Jill Biden to speak at the presidential inauguration. Her poem resonates with the whole world.  It would be a good idea to share the poem with the class.

8. What executive order did US President Biden sign on his first day in office that will have significant impact on Canada? 

Answer: a and c

Additional notes: Canadian companies supply a vast range of equipment to public works projects in the US and may be blocked from bidding based on the ‘Buy made in America’ order. The cancellation of the Keystone pipeline could strain relations between Canada and the US as well as reduce jobs in the sector in Canada.

9. How many groups are on Canada’s terrorist list? 

Answer: c

Additional notes: Canada added 13 groups to this list in February, bringing the total to 73.  When a group is placed on the list, its financial assets are frozen and it becomes a crime to interact or support it in any way.

10. What Canadian series/actors received multiple nominations for Golden Globe Awards? 

Answer: d

Schitt’s Creek received five nominations, including best comedy, along with nominations for its lead characters, including Catherine O’Hara.  Donald Sutherland was nominated for his role in The Undoing.

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