Here are the answers to our May quiz on key news topics, plus some additional background information.

1. What has been an unexpected consequence of measures to fight COVID-19?

Answer: d

Additional notes: In France, the government has provided shelter for women escaping domestic violence in hotels. Grocery store clerks have been given an increase in hourly rate to thank them for being on the front line, and companies like General Motors Canada have retooled to produce masks.

2. Who is running against Donald Trump for President?

Answer: c

Additional notes: Joe Biden has been declared the candidate running for the Democrats.  The usual primaries did not take place due to the need for social distancing.

3. Who is Hayley Wickenheiser?

Answer: d

Additional notes: She played hockey for Team Canada and won four gold medals.  She is in her final year of medical school and has organized a drive to collect personal protection equipment for front line workers.

4. What is the significance of the rainbow during COVID-19?

Answer: b

Additional notes: The rainbow is the symbol of light at the end of this dark period.

5. Queen Elizabeth celebrated her birthday in April. How old was she?

Answer: c

Additional notes: Queen Elizabeth asked that there be no celebration or salute during this time when people are being asked to stay hone.

6. What does it mean when oil prices go negative?

Answer: b

Additional notes: There is concern that there will be a storage shortage so producers are giving it to entities who would normally be buyers. The demand for oil has dried up, with people staying home and no air or boat travel.

7. What did Canadians celebrate on April 22?

Answer: d

Additional notes: April 22 was the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, an international recognition of the importance of Earth, which includes a call to action to save the planet. National Canadian Film Day is a one-day coast-to-coast celebration of Canadian cinema.

8. Who will be the next Governor of the Bank of Canada?

Answer: c

Additional notes: Macklem is the former senior deputy governor of the Bank of Canada and is currently Dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. He will take over as Governor June 3, 2020.

9. Canada has banned 1,500 assault-style firearms. When does the amnesty end for people to return the firearms?

Answer: a

Additional notes: Anyone who has possession of one of these firearms can turn it in before April 30, 2022 with no penalty.

10. What is contact tracing?

Answer: b

Additional notes:  When someone is diagnosed with COVID-19, specialists trace who they were in contact with to ensure that those people isolate and do not continue the spread.

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