Here are the answers to our quiz on key news topics from November, plus some additional background information.

1. On November 3, 2014 a major emotional milestone was achieved in New York City. What was it?

Answer: a

Additional notes: 13 years after its destruction on 9/11 the rebuilt World Trade Centre opened for business

2. The United Nations Climate Change conference 2015 will be held in:

Answer: c

Additional notes: President Hollande of France visited Canada to encourage the Canadian government to work to meet the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions

3. Which country did the United States sign a bilateral agreement with to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Answer: b

Additional notes: The United States and China surprised the world with their agreement and commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to undertake a move to cleaner energy sources. This agreement puts pressure on Canada to increase its commitment to meet the targets set out in the Copenhagen agreement.

4. Despite lower government revenues due to reduced oil prices and tax cuts, the Federal government is projecting a growing budget surplus starting in 2015. How much are they projecting the surplus to be?

Answer: b

Additional notes: In 2015 Ottawa   anticipates a surplus of  $1.9 billion and says it will grow every year until 2020 when it is anticipated to be $13.8 billion

5. What is income-splitting?

Answer: d

Additional notes: The Federal government announced income-splitting as fulfillment of a 2011 election campaign promise. Prime Minister Harper took the plan a little further by introducing a Family Tax cut, whereby parents of children over 18 would be allowed to split up to $50,000 of income for tax purposes. This refers to b above, as it is a new method for income splitting; the other methods are already permitted.

6. What is Philae?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Philae is a lander developed by space project Rosetta that landed on Comet 67P/C-G on November 12, 2014 – an accomplishment never before achieved and one that will yield new information about space for researchers and scientists.

7. Who won the Giller Prize for literature?

Answer: c

Additional notes: The Giller Prize is sponsored by Scotiabank and is awarded to a Canadian fiction author. The winner receives $100,000 and the shortlist nominees receive $10,000 each. The Giller Prize is in its 21st year and is the largest prize awarded for fiction in Canada.

8. Blake, Hasek, Modano, Burns and McCreary all have what in common?

Answer: b

Additional notes: They were all inductees into the Hockey Hall of Fame 2014. McCreary was a referee, the others played NHL hockey.

9. Who are Clem and Millie Mintz?

Answer: d

Additional notes: Clem and Millie Mintz celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary and are known to share the longest marriage in Canada.

10. Merna Forster has gathered 50,000 signatures on a petition for the Bank of Canada to do what?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Merna suggests using pictures of women in Canadian history on some Canadian banknotes.

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