Here are the answers to our quiz on key news topics from November, plus some additional background information.

1. Who will be President of the United States commencing in 2017?

Answer: a

Additional notes: It was a surprising result that virtually none of the polls predicted.

2. What size deficit is the federal government projecting for the fiscal year ending March 2017?

Answer: b

Additional notes: The government is investing in infrastructure spending over the next 12 years and expects the deficit to grow to $27.8 billion in the next fiscal year.

3. Who is Marc Tessier-Lavigne?

Answer: d

Additional notes: M. Tessier-Lavigne is the first Canadian to be President of Stanford, a prestigious university that has graduated many people who have started top-tier tech companies and which raises over $1.5 billion from its alumni.

4. What has the federal government implemented to support graduates who have had student loans?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Effective Nov 1, no single Canadian will have to repay their Canadian student loan until they are earning at least $25,000 a year. The government has also provided more money in the form of grants that are not repayable.

5. Who won the World Series of Baseball?

Answer: a

Additional notes: It was their first Series win since 1908.

6. Which country is planning a permanent space station?

Answer: c

Additional notes:  This planned station is on time with heavy lift launch due March 5, 2017.

7.  What did the people of Nyda, Russia, wake up to find?

Answer: b

Additional notes: The thousands of frozen spheres are a natural phenomenon that occurs when a combination of wind, coastline and temperature results in their formation.

8.  What book was awarded the Giller Prize?

Answer: a

Additional notes: The Giller Prize comes with $100,000 from Scotiabank.

9.  Who is Meng Hongwei?

Answer: b

Additional notes: He is the first Chinese to hold this position. Interpol has 190 member nations and provides the closest instrument to an international arrest warrant in use today.

10. Which country saw the largest increase in auto sales this year?

Answer: c

Additional notes: Auto sales rose in China by 20.3 percent.

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