Here are the answers to our November quiz on key news topics, plus some additional background information.

1. What is impeachment?

Answer: d

Additional notes: a is a general definition, b is a definition used in Britain and c is a definition used in the US. In the US, the House of Representatives has started an impeachment investigation against the President but it is the sole responsibility of the Senate to impeach a President.

2. What is 2FA?

Answer: a

Additional notes: Banks are held to the highest encryption standards but many banks in Canada do not use 2FA. Europe and the US have moved in this direction. This requires two methods of confirming identity by asking a person to relate something they know, something they have, and/or something they are.

3.  Who won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Answer: b

Additional notes: He was awarded the 2019 Peace prize for his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation to resolve the border conflict with Eritrea.

4.  Which Canadian received the Nobel Prize in physics for 2019?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Peebles received the award for contributions to our understanding of the evolution of the universe and Earth’s place in the cosmos.

5. Margaret Atwood won the Booker Prize. Who did she share it with?

Answer: c

Additional notes: The Booker prize rewards the finest in fiction, highlighting great books and often transforming the author’s life. Atwood shared it with Evaristo, author of Girl, Woman, Other.

6.  Which team won the World Series?

Answer: d

The Nationals beat the Houston Astros in seven games.

7.  What is Project Convalesce?

Answer: a

Additional notes: The investigation resulted in 30 arrests across Canada.

8. How many carats of diamonds are in the Raptors’ championship ring?

Answer: b

Additional notes: This includes one diamond of 1.25 carats. Each member of the winning team received the ring, while the spectators received a replica on the night the team got their rings.

9. Which country has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement?

Answer: d

Additional notes: The United States claims the accord places an unfair economic burden on the US economy. The process to withdraw will take a year. Many states will continue to move forward with obligations.

10. What did Google pay $2.1 billion for?

Answer: b

Additional notes: Google is interested in the personal data that can be gleaned from Fitbit and used in other aspects of their business.

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