The article outlines some of the initiatives governments have taken to support small business during these challenging times. The global pandemic has hit small business particularly hard as many were unprepared to transform from bricks and mortar premises to online.  The initiatives discussed in the article are to support this transformation.

Getting Started

Introduction to the article

Have everyone read it.

Subject Areas covered

Marketing, retail, technology

Study and Discussion Activity

Key things students can learn from this lesson

Understand how governments support small business

Action (here’s how we’ll do it)

  • Have everyone read the article.
  • Have them jot down some notes that help them understand why government has set up initiatives to support small business.
  • Students should visit and learn more about the initiative including: Who is eligible, how eligible candidates might benefit and who else benefits if small businesses successfully transform.
  • After this, have students describe all the different supports available under the plans.

Consolidation of Learning

Digital Main Street is a federal initiative supported by Ontario to help small businesses transform to digital. Students should understand that here are benefits to entrepreneurs and the community when governments collaborate and then work with them.

Success and Additional Learning

Success Criteria

Students will understand how the community benefits when an entrepreneur is successful.

Confirming Activities

Digital Main Street is partnering with Shopify to help small business create online shops.  Visit the Shopify website and learn more about how Shopify helps artists and entrepreneurs create a digital presence.