The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education is delighted to announce that IG Wealth Management has stepped up to sponsor the Classroom Edition of The Globe and Mail. With help from The Globe, we will be making some changes, adding some new features, and making the Classroom Edition an even more valuable resource for teachers and students.

As one new feature, and to help engage you in this busy month focused on activities that help Canadians improve their financial capability, we thought you might find it fun to try a little test. If so, please click on the following link Your results will feed into the overall results from all those completing the test – and we will report on the overall results at the end of the month.

In the last international test of financial literacy undertaken by the OECD as part of their “PISA” study, looking at country comparisons in language, math, science and financial literacy, Canada came in 2nd in the world in financial literacy. So we are doing well – but there’s still lots to do.

Give the test a try and see how you are doing in terms of your knowledge. You will likely be surprised by how much you know.

For teachers, click here if you would like to download the test and copy it for your students to try.  The Answer Key is at the end – so make sure you do not include that when you copy it for your students – or you may be surprised by how well they do.

CFEE extends thanks once again to The Globe and Mail and IG Wealth Management for supporting the production of The Classroom Edition and helping us put trusted information into the hands, and minds, of our youth.