This article is a great case study of a start up using new technologies to add value.

Getting Started

Appropriate Subject Area(s):

Entrepreneurship, marketing

Key Questions to Explore:

  • How do start ups consider and overcome challenges along the way?
Study and Discussion Activity

Introduction to lesson and task:

Solink is a start up company that has found a way to link existing systems and provide intelligence that each system independently could not provide.

Action (lesson plan and task):

  • Distribute article for reading. Ask students to read it two or three times to become familiar with key points.
  • Independently, ask students to make notes regarding key ideas in the article.
  • Have students independently consider the following questions:
    • What is the key business concept Solink is promoting?
    • What are the challenges, opportunities and/or problems that Solink faces?
    • What are the causes of these?
    • What level of urgency is there to the situation?
    • Who is the decision maker?
    • What is the impact on profitability?
    • What is the impact on the strategic direction of the company?
    • What is the competitive advantage?
  • Develop recommendations/solutions to your findings.

Consolidation of Learning:

  • Have students present their findings to a small group of classmates.
Success and Additional Learning

Success Criteria:

  • Students understand how to work through a case study.

Confirming Activity:

  • In groups of four, have students build consensus on a recommendation for Solink.