The following questions provide a review of some key topics and issues that were in the news in April.


  1. Which political party won the provincial election in Quebec?
    1. Parti Québécois
    2. Liberals
    3. Progressive Conservatives
    4. Coalition Avenir Quebec
  2. The Canadian lobster industry has agreed to add a two cent levy to every pound of lobster landed. The money will be used to:
    1. Help pay off government debt
    2. Train new lobster fishers
    3. Market Canadian lobster abroad
    4. Ensure boats are in safe condition
  3. The Fair Elections Act is proposing to modify vouching as a method of allowing some people to vote. What is vouching?
    1. Having someone confirm a voter’s identity at the polling station
    2. Producing a form of ID that is common to most people
    3. Motivational tactic to encourage youth to vote
    4. None of the above
  4. The prestigious Gairdner Awards give $100,000 each to a number of recipients each year. The recipients are chosen from what field?
    1. Law
    2. Business
    3. Medical science
    4. Education
  5. What is OPEC?
    1. An organization of oil producing countries
    2. A policy on petroleum exports
    3. Canada’s leader in oil production
    4. An organization of people exporting cars
  6. In an effort to make rail transportation of hazardous goods safer, the federal government is implementing the following safety rule:
    1. Requiring emergency response plans be in place along any route where crude oil travels
    2. Requiring a rapid phase-out of old model tanker train cars that carry crude oil
    3. Requiring specialized crews and firefighting equipment to be on board trains that carry crude oil
    4. All of the above
  7. What Canadian hockey team advanced to round two of the Stanley Cup playoffs?
    1. Toronto Maple Leafs
    2. Montreal Canadiens
    3. Calgary Flames
    4. Vancouver Canucks
  8. Canada’s median income has:
    1. Stayed the same for the last 15 years
    2. Risen by nearly 20% in the last 15 years
    3. Declined steadily over the past 20 years
    4. Shifted from a steady decline to a small increase this past year
  9. What is an LMO (Labour Market Opinion)?
    1. A program that allows foreign workers into Canada if no Canadians are available
    2. A regular newspaper column that discusses labour market information
    3. Union leaders who report on labour market conditions
    4. None of the above
  10. What mammal has been downgraded on Canada’s list of species at risk?
    1. Grizzly bear
    2. Walrus
    3. Humpback whale
    4. Caribou
  11. What Canadian company is showing leadership in Bangladesh after the tragedy in a garment factory last year?
    1. The Bay
    2. RBC
    3. Loblaw
    4. Nygard
  12. Interest rates in Canada are expected to stay low for the foreseeable future because:
    1. The banks prefer low interest rates
    2. Homeowners prefer low interest rates
    3. There is little demand for borrowed money
    4. Inflation remains low

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