The following questions provide a review of some key topics and issues that have been in the news in April.

  1. What is a filibuster?
    1. When members of Parliament debate proposed legislation
    2. A political procedure to delay or prevent a decision being made in Parliament
    3. It occurred in Parliament in March when Conservatives ran an all-night marathon in protest at the government’s handling of the SNC- Lavalin affair
    4. All of the above
  2. Some members of the United States Congress are calling for the impeachment of President Trump. For what reason?
    1. The findings of the Mueller report
    2. Obstruction of justice
    3. Release of Trump’s tax returns
    4. None of the above
  3. What is the Canadian Women’s Hockey League doing on May 1?
    1. Discontinuing operations
    2. Hosting an international tournament
    3. Merging with the Canadian Men’s Hockey league
    4. Merging into a North American women’s hockey league
  4. What has Chief Justice Richard Wagner announced he will review?
    1. Office of the attorney general
    2. Judicial ethics committee
    3. Canadian Judicial Council
    4. Senate appointments
  5. What new tax came into effect April 1, 2019?
    1. Federal carbon tax
    2. Federal retail tax
    3. Federal health tax
    4. All of the above
  6. Who is David Lloyd Hart?
    1. Leader of the opposition party
    2. Canada’s oldest and longest serving officer
    3. New Prime Minister of England
    4. Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
  7. What is Aerion?
    1. An air traffic control system
    2. A system developed by Nav Canada
    3. A system that monitors and tracks planes not monitored by ground systems
    4. All of the above
  8. Who is the new premier of Alberta?
    1. Rachel Notley, NDP
    2. Jason Kenney, Conservative
    3. Stephen Mandel, Alberta Party
    4. David Kahn, Liberal
  9. According to the WHO global report on air pollution, what percentage of the world population breathes air with a high level of pollutants?
    1. 50%
    2. 15%
    3. 76%
    4. 90%
  10. Who is the prime minister of Israel following the recent election?
    1. Benjamin Netanyahu
    2. Benny Gantz
    3. Tamar Zandberg
    4. Ayman Odeh
  11. Which famous church burned?
    1. St. Joseph’s Oratory
    2. Notre-Dame Cathedral
    3. Westminster Abbey
    4. Sagrada Familia
  12. What golf tournament did Tiger Woods win?
    1. US Open
    2. Canadian Open
    3. Australian Open
    4. Masters

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