The following questions provide a review of some key topics and issues that have been in the news in December.

  1. Amazon announced the location of its new Headquarters 2. Where will it be?
    1. Toronto
    2. Queens, New York
    3. Virginia
    4. Locations b and c
  2. Who won the Giller Prize for literature?
    1. Esi Edugyan for Washington Black
    2. Patrick deWitt for French Exit
    3. Sheila Heti for Motherhood
    4. Thea Lim for An Ocean of Minutes
  3. The federal government introduced legislation to have which workers back on the job?
    1. Teachers
    2. Postal workers
    3. Auto workers
    4. Nurses
  4. The federal economic paper 2018 had benefits for business. What are the benefits?
    1. Incentives to increase productivity
    2. Measures to reduce red tape
    3. Allowing businesses to write off the full cost of machinery
    4. All of the above
  5. Which auto company announced it is closing its award-winning Canadian plant as well as several plants in the United States?
    1. Honda
    2. Ford
    3. General Motors
    4. Toyota
  6. What is InSight lander?
    1. An airplane
    2. A space vehicle
    3. A submarine
    4. A space agency
  7. Who is Stephen Hillenburg?
    1. An astronaut
    2. Creator of SpongeBob SquarePants
    3. Giller prize winner
    4. Founder and creator of Pixar
  8. According to research conducted by the BabyCenter, what were the top names for new born boys and girls for 2018?
    1. Harry and Debra
    2. John and Jane
    3. Arbour and Sky
    4. Jackson and Sophia
  9. Who is Caitlin Miron?
    1. A Canadian astronaut
    2. Leader of the opposition party
    3. A Mitacs award winner
    4. First female pro baseball player
  10. The new $10 bill features human rights activist Viola Desmond on the front. What appears on the other side?
    1. Parliament buildings
    2. Museum of Human Rights
    3. A maple leaf
    4. The Canadian flag
  11. Canada’s unemployment hit an all-time low this month. What is it?
    1. 5.6%
    2. 6.1%
    3. 3.4%
    4. 7.4%
  12. What is the purpose of the commemoration on December 6 each year?
    1. Honouring victims of École Polytechnique shooting
    2. Celebrating United Way day
    3. Honouring the contributions made by refugees to Canada
    4. Honouring indigenous culture
  13. Who is David Saint-Jacques?
    1. New premier of Quebec
    2. Canadian astronaut
    3. Commissioner of NHL
    4. President of General Motors

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