The following questions provide a review of some key topics and issues that have been in the news in January.

  1. How many Nobel prizes were awarded in 2018?
    1. 3
    2. 4
    3. 5
    4. 6
  2. The average life expectancy in British Columbia has declined for the first time in decades. Why?
    1. An increase in number of cases of cancer
    2. An increase in drug overdoses
    3. An increase in car deaths
    4. None of the above
  3. What is the impact of federal tax changes on Canada Pension Plan Contributions?
    1. Contributions stay the same
    2. Contributions go down
    3. Contributions go up
    4. Depends on your income what happens
  4. What is Ultima Thule?
    1. A rising rock star
    2. An icy world
    3. A new species found in the ocean
    4. Name of lion cub born in the Toronto Zoo
  5. Which country won the World Junior hockey championship?
    1. Finland
    2. Canada
    3. Russia
    4. USA
  6. Why did President Trump shut down part of the US government?
    1. To save money
    2. To push Congress to release funds to build a border wall with Mexico
    3. To prevent Russians from accessing information
    4. All of the above
  7. Which film won best picture at the Golden Globe awards?
    1. A Star is Born
    2. Black Panther
    3. The Wife
    4. Bohemian Rhapsody
  8. Who is Bianca Andreescu?
    1. Speaker of the House
    2. A tennis pro
    3. Team Canada’s captain
    4. An anchor on national TV
  9. Who won Miss Universe 2018?
    1. Miss Philippines
    2. Miss USA
    3. Miss Italy
    4. Miss Indonesia
  10. Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, has been named patron to four organizations. She has taken over two of them from the Queen. Which two?
    1. National Theatre and The Association of Commonwealth Universities
    2. National Theatre and Smart Works
    3. Smart Works and Mayhew
    4. The Association of Commonwealth Universities and Mayhew
  11. The United Nations made a request to Canada. What is the request for?
    1. Perform peacekeeping in France
    2. Give asylum to 18-year-old Rehaf Mohammed Alqunun
    3. Distribute more wheat to countries experiencing famine
    4. Increase its contribution to NATO
  12. The government of Canada is spending $25 million on a geothermal plant. Where?
    1. British Columbia
    2. Newfoundland
    3. Ontario
    4. Saskatchewan
  13. Which two auto makers have announced a worldwide partnership?
    1. General Motors and Ford
    2. Ford and Volkswagen
    3. Volkswagen and Subaru
    4. Honda and Ford
  14. What is a blood moon?
    1. A lunar eclipse
    2. Something that occurs when the earth comes between the sun and the moon
    3. When syzygy occurs
    4. All of the above

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