The following questions provide a review of some key topics and issues that have been in the news.

  1. Time Magazine named a kid of the year for the first time ever. Who did they name?
    1. Malia Ann Obama
    2. Gitanjali Rao
    3. Greta Thunberg
    4. Philip Streich
  2. What was the top Google search by Canadians during 2020?
    1. US Election
    2. Zoom
    3. Coronavirus
    4. Kobe Bryant
  3. What should Canadians expect to pay more for in 2021?
    1. Hydro
    2. Cars
    3. Travel
    4. Food
  4. Who won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2020?
    1. Barack Obama
    2. International Committee of the Red Cross
    3. World Food Program
    4. World Health Organization
  5. How much did a mint condition Wayne Gretzky rookie trading card sell for?
    1. $1.29 million US
    2. $504,000 US
    3. $109,000 US
    4. $10,000 US
  6. What are the colours of the year for 2021?
    1. Ultimate Gray
    2. Aegean Teal
    3. Misty Aqua
    4. Urbane Bronze
    5. All of the above
  7. What is the Gateway treaty?
    1. A collaboration between Canada and the US to establish a new international space station
    2. An agreement between Canada and the US to keep our borders closed until the coronavirus is eliminated
    3. An agreement between Canada and the UK to allow trade to flow through each other’s countries
    4. There is no such thing as the Gateway Treaty
  8. What ruling has The Court of Sport Arbitrations given to Russia?
    1. Russia cannot fly its flag or play its anthem at the next two Olympics
    2. No athlete or support personnel from Russia may attend or participate in any Olympics or Para-Olympics for two years
    3. Russian athletes cannot participate in any world competitions for two years
    4. All of the above
  9. What is the Great Conjunction?
    1. The beginning of the new solar cycle
    2. When Jupiter and Saturn meet
    3. When the sun sets off flares
    4. When Mars and the Sun pass each other
  10. What is in the Brexit trade deal?
    1. Freedom to work and live between the UK and EU has come to end
    2. Northern Ireland will continue to follow EU rules
    3. UK can negotiate its own trade deals
    4. Increased paperwork at the border for travellers and trade
    5. All of the above
  11. Who is the next head of the Canadian Armed Forces?
    1. Harjit Sajjan
    2. Jonathan Vance
    3. Andrew Zalvin
    4. Art McDonald
  12. How many Canadians succumbed to Covid-19 in 2020?
    1. 13,900
    2. 15,866
    3. 12,008
    4. 17,657

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