The following questions provide a review of some key topics and issues that have been in the news in November.

  1. On November 3, 2014 a major emotional milestone was achieved in New York City. What was it?
    1. The World Trade Centre opened
    2. Statue of Liberty reconstruction began
    3. New York University and Columbia University merged
    4. Parking spots in New York City condos went over the $1 million threshold
  2. The United Nations Climate Change conference 2015 will be held in:
    1. Ottawa
    2. Istanbul
    3. Paris
    4. Moscow
  3. With which country did the United States sign a bilateral agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
    1. Canada
    2. China
    3. Russia
    4. Great Britain
  4. Despite lower government revenues due to reduced oil prices and tax cuts, the federal government is projecting a growing budget surplus starting in 2015. How much are they projecting the surplus to be?
    1. $10 billion
    2. $1.9 billion
    3. $2.9 billion
    4. $8.9 billion
  5. What is income-splitting?
    1. When an individual makes a contribution to a spousal RRSP
    2. When families are allowed to share total household income for tax purposes in order to reduce taxes
    3. When an individual has their business pay a reasonable salary to a spouse, common law partner or
    4. children
    5. All of the above
  6. What is Philae?
    1. A delicious Spanish dish
    2. A Lander
    3. An artist
    4. A nickname for Philadelphia
  7. Who won the Giller Prize for literature?
    1. Miriam Toews for All my Puny Sorrows
    2. David Bezmozgis for The Betrayers
    3. Sean Michaels for Us Conductors
    4. Heather O’Neill for The Girl who was Saturday night
  8. Blake, Hasek, Modano, Burns and McCreary all have what in common?
    1. They all played in the National Hockey League
    2. They were all inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame
    3. They were all inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame
    4. None of the above
  9. Who are Clem and Millie Mintz?
    1. Scientists who made a significant discovery
    2. Members of provincial and federal parliaments for the same jurisdiction
    3. Television personalities
    4. The longest-married couple in Canada
  10. Merna Forster has gathered 50,000 signatures on a petition for the Bank of Canada to do what?
    1. Lower interest rates in the short term
    2. Put pictures of Canadian women on banknotes
    3. Commit to long-term lower interest rates
    4. Eliminate the nickel

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