The following questions provide a review of some key topics and issues that have been in the news.

  1. What international charity is winding down operations in Canada?
    1. Unicef
    2. World Wildlife Fund
    3. WE Charity
    4. United Way
  2. Canada’s debt ratio declined during the pandemic. What did it decline to?
    1. $1.77
    2. $1.58
    3. $1.70
    4. $1.90
  3. The number of hurricanes in 2020 is about to exceed the letter names available. How will additional hurricanes be named?
    1. Numbers
    2. Start over at A
    3. Greek alphabet
    4. There won’t be any more hurricanes.
  4. Who delivered the throne speech on Sept 23, 2020?
    1. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
    2. Governor General Julie Payette
    3. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland
    4. Speaker of the House Anthony Rota
  5. What Canadian TV series received seven Emmy awards this fall?
    1. Dead to Me
    2. Schitt’s Creek
    3. The Good Place
    4. The Kominsky Method
  6. Which team won the Stanley Cup?
    1. Toronto Maple Leafs
    2. Tampa Bay Lightning
    3. Dallas Stars
    4. Edmonton Oilers
  7. What is the Giller Prize?
    1. A literary award
    2. A juried competition
    3. The largest cash prize for literary work in Canada
  8. Who is Kevin Brereton?
    1. Sting
    2. k-os
    3. Prince
    4. Pink
  9. What new criteria did the Academy Awards add for nominations?
    1. Film must have a significant character from an under-represented racial or ethnic group
    2. At least 30% of secondary roles must be from two under-represented groups
    3. The storyline must be focused on an under-represented group
    4. A and B
    5. A and C
    6. Either D or E
  10. Health Canada approved an antigen device. What is it?
    1. An immunotherapy for cancer
    2. A rapid Covid-19 Test
    3. A Covid-19 Vaccine
    4. A 2020 Flu Vaccine

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