When Matter and Form, a 3D Scanner start-up company, recently launched its crowd- funding initiative not only did it raise more capital than it had hoped for, it also found that a significant number of teachers were buying the product for use in their classrooms. Intrigued, the company decided to build an educational component into their business plan and soon began engaging students and teachers directly in classrooms around North America. What they found surprised them. Teachers were using these devices to teach more than just scanning objects—and eventually they will use their scans to create 3D devices with 3D printers. Students were also learning how things are made; how geometry is applied to the ways objects are constructed, for example. Matter and Form is now working on developing curricula around this emerging model and they’re inviting teachers and students to join them as beta-testers. Teachers are invited to check out their blog,https://matterandform.net/blog/teachers-wanted. “The smartest way to give teachers the best materials possible is to involve them in the creation process,” says Matter and Form’s educational expert, Christina Konecny, who can be reached via education@matterandform.net.