CFEE was the first organization in Canada to produce a resource in support of entrepreneurship education. The booklet, Entrepreneurship: A Primer for Canadians, was published in 1985 and in 1989-90, it inspired the largest national education project in the history of Canada (as far as anyone knows), the video and television series, Entrepreneurship for Canadians: The Spirit of Adventure. The six-part series—broadcast for years on several provincial educational networks—profiled more than 30 entrepreneurs fro coast to coast to coast. Over the years, pressure from educators to produce an update” series resulted in CFEE’s 2014 entrepreneurship series, The Spirit of Adventure. With more than eight hours of HD video, it profiles 30 entrepreneurs, including eight originals from the first series. In a section entitled Revisited (under “category” on the menu), these seasoned veterans answer questions, such as, “What have you learned about entrepreneurship since the first series, 25 years ago?” For example, you will see Guy Laliberte, CEO of Cirque du Soleil, watching his old video from 1989 and commenting on how Cirque has changed. In addition to three hours of video profiles, the resource includes more than five additional hours of video in which the same entrepreneurs, including David Chilton, for example, address issues around financing, marketing and growing ventures. All this, and reams of additional print and other resources. Your own hometown may be featured in the series.