This article explores how a company refocuses and the value of patents to an organization and the country.

Getting Started

Introduction to the article (perhaps by having everyone read it)

Distribute the article for reading.

Subject Area(s) covered

Intellectual property, patents,

New Terms to explain:

Patent, intellectual property, IP assets, innovation strategy, licensing, commercializing ideas

Study and Discussion Activity

Key things students can learn from this lesson

Students will learn about patents and intellectual property.

Action (here’s how we’ll do it)

  • Have students work independently to answer the following questions:
    • Who is Canada’s biggest patent holder?
    • How many patents does BlackBerry hold?
    • Which patents does BlackBerry want to sell?
    • Why is BlackBerry referred to as a former smartphone giant?
    • What business is BlackBerry in now?
    • Why would the government be concerned if BlackBerry patents are sold to a foreign entity?
    • Describe how BlackBerry has been successful is generating revenue from its patents.
  • Have a class discussion based on the answers to the questions.

Consolidation of learning

  • Research Ottawa’s innovation strategy and prepare a brief paper outlining its key objectives. Discuss as a class to ensure students have a good understanding.
Success and Additional Learning

Success Criteria:

  • Students understand the impact selling the patents will have on the government’s strategy to improve Canada’s poor reputation for commercializing ideas.

Confirming Activities

  • Have a discussion with the class on the relationship between patents and intellectual property.

Activities to do together

  • Look around your environment and identify two or three items that would have a patent or would be intellectual property.  Do some research together to confirm.