Here are the answers to our September quiz on key news topics, plus some additional background information

1.  What is the purpose of the concert No Stone Unturned?

Answer: c

Additional notes: This is an annual concert to create awareness and help connect people with this issue.

2. Which South American country is experiencing an economic crisis?

Answer: c

Additional notes: Venezuela’s economy is in free fall. Hyperinflation, power shortages, and food and medicine shortages are driving people out. The annual inflation rate is forecast to hit 12,874% by the end of 2018, with prices doubling every month on average.

3. Which ethnic group is being persecuted in Myanmar?

Answer: a

Additional notes: There are currently over one million Rohingya living in Myanmar. They have been denied citizenship and mobility within the country. Many have fled to neighbouring countries. From 1824-1948 the British ruled Myanmar as a province of India. After independence the Myanmar government viewed the immigration that took place under the British as illegal and refused citizenship to the Rohingya on this basis. The Hutu are an ethnic group from Rwanda, Welayta from Ethiopia and Mestizo from Venezuela.

4. Which major manufacturer has launched a new campaign with the slogan: “Believe in something! Even if it means sacrificing everything”?

Answer: b

Additional notes: NFL player Colin Kaepernick is featured in the new 30th anniversary ad for the ‘Just Do It’company. Kaepernick and his lawyers say he has been denied employment because he protested against police brutality and social inequities when he knelt during the American anthem in 2016.

5. What is the Canadian Conservative Party’s policy on abortion?

Answer: a

Additional notes: A resolution to this effect was put in under Stephen Harper to assure Canadians that the Conservatives had no secret agenda to legislate an abortion ban.

6. What is one of the key sticking points preventing NAFTA agreement being reached.?

Answer: c

Additional notes: Canada’s supply chain management sets production quotas and prices for domestic dairy products, while imposing steep tariffs on imports.

Article 19 allows for an impartial tribunal to solve trade disputes rather than US courts, which can be expensive, lengthy and biased.

7. Who is Brooke Henderson?

Answer: b

Additional notes: The 20-year-old from Smiths Falls, Ontario, was named the Canadian Press female athlete of the year for 2015 and 2017.

8. What is significant about October 17, 2018?

Answer: c

Additional notes: The Cannabis Act is a legal framework for the production, distribution, sale and possession of cannabis across Canada.

9. What is Inter Miami?

Answer: b

Additional notes: former English soccer star David Beckham owns the team and is looking for a stadium.

10. Why did the Federal Court of Appeal put a delay on the Trans-Mountain pipeline?

Answer: d

Additional notes: The federal government is reviewing the requirements and determining next steps. In the meantime work on the pipeline is halted.

11. Who wrote the book Fear: Trump in the White House?

Answer: c

Additional notes: Woodward’s investigative journalism has resulted in a disturbing account of dysfunction in the White House and describes Trump as narcissistic, with a short attention span and no empathy, making him incapable of doing the job of president.

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